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Life at Digital Works Group - an ambitious and growing consultancy
Maybe you are fed up with having to ‘hunt’ for more work on your own or have experienced that ‘feast and famine’ cycle?

Perhaps you work with some great clients, but you remain ‘on your own’ and crave to be part of a more collaborative ‘like-minded ‘environment'?

You are weary of having to develop and handle everything yourself – materials, methods, pitches, marketing, financials, insurances?

Or perhaps you know the clock ‘is ticking’ and wonder how you can be part of ‘an exit’?

We are inviting a wide range of independent consultants, business analysts, project managers and technical architects (and more) to join Andrew Salmon, Senior Partner of Optimisation and Delivery at Digital Works Group (along with some other 'DWGers') as he shares the experience of:

- Life at Digital Works Group
- A bit about our talented digital experts - we are a diverse and experienced bunch!
- Our ethos
- How we operate and how we may be able to solve your independent consultant 'headaches'
- Our exciting ambition for the near future
- The types of skills we are ideally looking for

It will be an open forum to ask as many questions as you like - we promise to give a full, frank and honest answer!


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